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The Problem

I met a woman today in a local business. The place was empty so we visited for just a bit. The conversation turned to church and she mentioned that she went to one church for a long time and now is at another one, but you never know, they just might come back. That was the gist of it, from what I gathered. She mentioned that she liked the schedule of her church now. She mentioned that she just wasn’t sure what they’d do.

You know what she didn’t mention at all?


She never spoke of his leading to a certain church, or of his work in her life. She had lots of thoughts about certain churches, but not one verbalization of any thoughts of God.

I have no opinion of the woman’s spiritual life. I don’t know what she believes and where she stands in terms of her relationship with Christ. That’s not anything I’m entitled to form an opinion about. But I did have this thought when we left:

The reason the world is still so very lost is because we GO to church. We don’t see ourselves AS the church.

Everybody is writing books about this, and blogs, and articles and having conferences…it’s all over the place. So I’m going to add my small, insignificant voice to the mix and say that if we are treating where we go to church the same way we pick out clothes from our closet, then the power of God will never be any bigger than what we experience of it right now. And that’s pretty small, if we’re experiencing any of it at all.

I’m a stay at home mom in my mid-30s. I think about my kids safety, well-being, education and relationships. I think about my hair turning gray and whether I’m retaining water each week. I think about my friends and how much I’m grateful for them. I think about my Sunday School class and how I can teach the Word in a way that will strike a chord in their precious, distracted minds. I could go the rest of my life thinking about these things. I could move through each day and deal with what comes my way the best I know how and I would even pray about some of it. My life would be fine. I’d be serving God. I’d be living a Godly life.

And people all around me would still be lost.

So I’m learning to Go. Yes, it’s a sacrifice. No, we won’t go on a big vacation this year. Yes, it’s risky to leave our kids and head overseas.

But I’ve seen firsthand that it changes me on the inside and makes me so aware of what really and truly matters in this world. And I’m not going to represent my church, or to show them that my church does great things. We are taking the message of THE Church. The Body of Christ. I’m praying every day that people will be added to the body and that disciples will be made. THAT is our instruction, “Go and make disciples”. NOT “Go to church where you like it best”.

We have way too much. We are way too pampered. I’m so guilty of wanting more and comparing myself to others. It’s time for that to stop.

Stop GOING to church. BE the church. Regardless of denomination, we are sinners and we need a Savior. The world needs Jesus, and sitting in the pew from week to week does not carry the message to those who need it. In most cases here in the South, all sitting in the pew does is make you feel good about yourself for being there. God is not glorified by how good we feel about ourselves, but by our telling others how we feel about HIM.

It’s time to live differently.


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I Didn’t Mean To…

…go a whole month with no blogging.

It’s not that I have nothing to say. I have TONS to say. My head blogs constantly. In every situation, I think, “How could I write about this and it be interesting and inspiring and funny?” Then I get home and try to write about it and it’s not interesting, inspiring or funny in the least.

So I’ve been doing a little self-evaluation lately and I realize the reason I don’t post most of what I write is because of this:

It’s about me. And I’m not that interesting.

I know that’s the main point of a blog, for the most part. They serve as a place where people can write about themselves and tell their stories or share their expertise or opinions. I’ve done that for the better part of three years now, and I’m really proud of most of what I’ve written. Sometimes it has been funny, and the times that it was serious, I shared what was on my heart and have no regrets about that.

But now, when I read the posts in my drafts folder, I get frustrated because I’m still just writing about me. And in my spiritual life, which is much more important than my physical one, I’m becoming more and more aware of how much it is NOT about me.

So I’m at a crossroads here. I love to write and share what’s on my mind, but would like to take another angle with it. I really don’t want to assume that anyone wants to know what we’ve been doing. I never set out to have a “family blog” and tell our daily stories. Those are great, but that’s not what I ever wanted, because the people that care about what we’re doing are the people I talk to on a very regular basis. I’d rather tell them on the phone or face to face.

But I’m keeping the blog and I’m going to keep writing. I just want to find what it is I should write about. I’ve thought about the devotional route…and that’s a good option. I subscribe to a few blogs with writings by Godly women and they are all beautifully written, but they are all very poetic and deep and use lots of imagery and they all talk a lot about how we feel insignificant but God makes us beautiful despite our shortcomings. It’s all very thought provoking and lovely, but that’s not me. I’m a straight shooter. I tell what’s on my mind and try to say it as clearly as possible. I’d never be asked to guest post on one of those women’s blogs.

There’s the expertise route…where women write about how they make their houses pretty, or find really cute clothes at Salvation Army and make them look like Rodeo Drive. Or how they use coupons to save $458 at Walgreens, and only spent $12. Or how they can make their kids clothes out of old dishrags and sell them for $65 an outfit, and stay at home forever and eventually make more than their husband, just by using the internet. I have NO idea how to do any of those things. I don’t know how to make money. I don’t know how to sew. I don’t understand the whole couponing thing. I wish I could paint a cool chair and cover the seat with a fabric from an old pillowcase and make it look awesome, but it’s not my gift. The things I do well enough to write about would equal about two posts, then I’d be out of material. I have become quite adept at being comfortable onstage and I guess I could write about overcoming stage fright (which I had to do) and how to project your voice, but again…who wants to know that? And is it a whole blog’s worth? Nope.

There’s the family route…and seriously, I could post every hour about my kids. They are hilarious. But most of what they say is in the form of a one-liner, and I share that with all of my close personal friends on Facebook or Twitter. It seems a little redundant to share it all over again here. Plus, I’m not really great with pictures on WordPress, it just seems to take too long to post a pic. Maybe if I learned more about that…

So where do I go from here? I’m open to ideas.

Oh, this is not about me, and I’m happy about that: Brad Paisley released a new CD this week. It’s probably one of the best I’ve ever heard. There is some truly great music on this one, and if you like country music even a little, you’d love this. His new release, “Old Alabama” is one of the best songs I’ve heard in recent years. It makes me smile from ear to ear when I hear it, because Alabama was one of the reasons I learned to love country music in the first place. I hope they make tons of money in their retirement from a huge boost in album sales because of this song.

Maybe I could write music reviews. There’s an idea! But then I’d have to listen to other music, like Lady GagMeWithASpoon.

P.S. In other news, we leave for England one week from tomorrow. I think two of my kids are getting a cold, and I’ll be DEVASTATED if I get it before we go. If you think about praying for us as we prepare and praying for great health for all thirteen team members, that’d be awesome. Thanks.

And this is the end of the random. Y’all have a good night.

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