When All Else Fails…Make a List

June 1, 2011 at 1:55 pm Leave a comment

The thoughts in my head are rolling around like marbles, and the clattering noises they are making are about to send me over the edge. So in an attempt to clean house in my brain, I’m going to purge a bit here.

(Oh, and I leave for England in two days. My brain is full, and my suitcase is empty. What does this say about me?)

1. My son got his report card yesterday. All A’s and great behavior. He has always had wonderful teachers, but I have to say that this year was landmark for him. His teacher was unlike any I’ve ever known and she connected with him and he gained a confidence he did not have last August. It has been awesome to see him grow.

2. I bought a new eyeliner the other day. I’m telling you because I feel it’s my duty to share when there is awesomeness in my life. It’s by Urban Decay, and the color is Rockstar. Seriously, it just glides on. No pulling, stretching or anything. And it stays on ALL DAY.

(I just tried to add a picture of it, but it didn’t work. It looks like…an eyeliner pencil. There ya go.)

3. The guy at the checkout counter in the makeup store gave me a sample of a really expensive cleanser. He told me it has an ingredient that is like Spanx for my face. I wanted so bad to make a funny comment. My first thought was, “I don’t wear Spanx on my face”. However, I’ll try it, and if my face is tightened and lifted to new heights, I’ll be sure to let you guys know.

4. I packed my kids’ clothes yesterday because they’ll spend the week at my parents’ house. Paisley packed seven swimsuits. I texted my mom to warn her and she wrote back, “Where’s the pageant?”

5. I prayed about finding a job and it’s turning out that I might have options. I’m a little freaked out. It’s time for a new season in my life, but can I just briefly say that the job I’m most proud of is the one I’m doing right now? I wouldn’t trade the last eight years for anything this earth could offer me.

6. I’m on lots of medicine to clear the congestion in my head before we leave. Can I just share with you what’s been going on in the last month? Thanks.
I baked and decorated five cakes for a wedding shower. I sang a thirty minute program for a banquet. I sang in church (three services). I attended my first Missions committee meeting and left as chairman. I spent a day in the ER with my baby who broke her collarbone on the swingset. I developed a crazy rash on my legs and spent a few hours at the doctor’s office with all my kids, and they got to watch them draw blood from my puny veins. It was not awesome. We buried my sweet grandfather, a month after the funeral, because the cemetery had been hit by a tornado the week he passed away. We’ve had end of the year projects and parties. My kids had choir programs. I started a series of Sunday School lessons on world religions, and I’m learning a lot, but it’s a lot to study!

And now we’re about to get on a plane and I feel like I’ve been running to catch up with everyone who is much more prepared than me.

7. I’ve decided to start coloring my hair.

8. The high temperature today is 100 degrees. It’s June the first.

9. The high temperature in England next week is 65 degrees.

10. Right now, my kids are playing Wii Sports Resort. They are paddling canoes, I think, and Aidan keeps yelling, “Let’s do this!”

I think I’ve made you suffer enough. I can’t wait to tell you about what God did while we were in England. He’s already there, preparing the way, and we can’t wait to join him. Thanks for praying for us.

Now, in a desperate attempt to get prepared and ready….we’re going to the pool.


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