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My son loves to create. He spends every minute of his time at home building with Legos, making up a story to pretend, making music, building obstacle courses…anything that he can imagine, he can do. He loves a story, a plotline, an adventure. He will get a new Lego set and build the intended object, a spaceship, fire station, etc., but then tear it down a week later and use the pieces to create his own story. I’m watching him now take his brave little Lego dude and send him through an obstacle course that he built. I’m not sure the guy is going to come out alive, but I think that’s the point. Oh, and he’s making sound effects, which just adds to the drama and suspense.

I’m envious of his imagination. I had one at his age. I used to pretend nonstop. I was either in an orphanage and had to get out, or on a covered wagon heading west. Apparently the movie “Annie” and the Little House books made quite an impression.

My dad has started sculpting. He took a pottery class and is now making gnomes. They are delightful, whimsical and fun. My brother is a local artist who is becoming well-known for his worship art. They create beautiful things.

I’m struggling with this idea of creating. I’m not sure I am good at it. I feel like I should be, since it’s in the family and all. But a blank canvas, computer screen, music staff paper, or empty page is daunting to me. I look at those things and I feel like making something from nothing is next to impossible.

Creating, and being creative is something I know is part of my life, but I think it plays out differently for me. As I said, I’m a little freaked out by the blank and empty starting point. However, if I’m working with a speech that needs rewording, or a song that needs lyrics, or a letter that needs proofreading, I feel confident and empowered. So is a person who works with art that  is already created still an artist? I’d venture to say yes.

The creative process is not limited to creation. I think putting an outfit together is a chance to be creative. I know I couldn’t design the dress, but I am pretty good at putting together the accessories to make it look special and unique. I enjoy the process of “tweaking” the original. Now I just have to find a practical, useful way to make it work for me.

I am absolutely certain that all things happen for a reason, and that the whole reason we’re here to is to bring glory to our Creator. I lost that job because he can glorify himself through me another way. I was playing it safe with the job. I’d have enjoyed it, but it was a really safe move. I’m almost thirty-five years old. Safety first does not apply to me anymore. It’s time to believe that God can use me in his perfect, creative way and step out in faith.

The Creator can’t mess up his creation. Each persons’ life is a masterpiece. I can’t wait to see what mine looks like when it’s done. I hope it’s full of color and light and joy.

Every minute of the journey is beautiful.


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