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Weird, Wild Wednesday

Nothing has happened today that is weird, or wild, but I’m hoping that by labeling today as such, there will be a pick up in the excitement level of the day.

Actually, we were late for school this morning, because when Michael’s away, it’s just hard to get movin’ on time.

Paisley has a rotten cold that is throwing a crimp in our regular Wednesday evening schedule, but you know what? My life has become so ordered and regimented, I’m kind of glad for the crimp.

We had a great Labor Day on Monday. We did nothing. We stayed home and I did some cleaning and cooking, but mostly we played silly games and laughed a lot. We left for a little while to get cherry limeades, and because we all had slight cabin fever. It was a long, rainy, silly day.

The kids are rocking along in school. According to Aidan, third grade is hard. What that actually means is he has to put forth more effort, bless his heart. Molly wants to make more effort, but apparently, first grade is not as demanding as she’d like it to be. She’s making up her own spelling lists at home, because “the words on the list from school are too short!” Again, bless her heart.

This is from the first day of school. They were so excited.

Have I mentioned that I met Brian Regan and Henry Cho? Michael and I attended a fundraiser for the StopSMA charity and it was a wonderful, hilarious night. We needed the laugh, and these guys delivered.

We tried to take a picture on our 12th anniversary, back in July. This wasn’t what I was going for, but those girls are cute, so I’m good with it.

This is one of my favorite pictures of Paisley, simply because she has that same smile on her face about 75% of the day. That’s a pretty good percentage, considering she’s four. She giggles all the time. She certainly has made her place in the family, considering she was quite unexpected. I can’t imagine a minute without her.

That’s all I’ve got for now. God’s been working on us, in us, and I hope, through us. We are blessed.


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Welcome! Hope you enjoy the blog. I know nothing about the internet, except that I like it a lot. So there's nothing fancy on here, just thoughts and pictures. It's the simple things, right?
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